A case has been filed on Anchor Srimukhi for defaming Brahmins

A case has been filed on anchor Srimukhi at Banjara Hills Police Station. Srimukhi is the anchor of the Gemini TV program “Zulakataka”.In this program bhramins are defamed and hurted with the show. A spokesman Venkata Ramana Sharma complained to the police on Monday that the sentiments of the Brahmins had hurt and demeaned. Along with Srimukhi the channel owner was being filed a case. In this backdrop, the Brahmins said that they had discussed the initiative with former AP government general secretary LV Subramaniam on Tuesday with Gemini TV CEO Kiran. He said he was sorry for the event.The CEO of Gemini TV Kiran said in a written statement that he would immediately remove the episode from YouTube.The Brahmin elders have been instructed on the case they have filed, saying the future will be operational.

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