Another bumper offer for ‘Pooja Hegde’!

It is learned that Pawan Kalyan has agreed to make his 28th film under the direction of talented director Harish Shankar. Meanwhile, there have been frequent reports on social media that Pooja Hegde will be playing the lead role in the film. However, Harish Shankar later clarified that there was no such thing. However, Harish Shankar, who has already completed the script, said that it would be better if Pooja Hegde is the heroine and she is thinking of taking herself as the heroine.

In the past, Harish and Pawan’s combination ‘Gabbar Singh’ has stood out in Pawan’s career. Pawan, who is already in a series of flops, has created industry records with Gabbar Singh. With that, now there are huge expectations on the film that Harish-Pawan is going to make. Pawan Kalyan is currently working on ‘Vakil Saab’ as well as Krish. With Pawan Kalyan making his film debut in Krish for the first time in a period backdrop, the film has attracted a lot of interest not only from the fans but also from the audience.

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