I will act with those two HEROES only

Movie actress Roja is living a busy life. Roja has been an MLA on the one hand, and the APIIC chairperson on the other, as well as appearing in a few shows on television.

However, Roja, who has been effective in her positions with coordination, has been away from the silver screen for many years. She last appeared in the Tamil film Roja N Wali Tani Wali (2015). Many filmmakers tried to bring her back to the screen. However, Roja, who spends most of her time on politics, has not said OK to a single movie so far.

Meanwhile, in a recent program on a channel .. Will you act with Chiranjeevi on the silver screen again ..! Anchor Srimukhi asked. Responding to that, Roja said that she is away from movies now .. but she will definitely act in Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna movies if the opportunity arises. It is learned that Boyapati has approached Roja as a villain in the movie Hatrick which is being screened as Balakrishna’s hero.

There are also rumours that Roja acting in a special role in Pushpa movie starring Bunny. But People need to wait to know what’s happening exactly.

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